It’s not even February, and I’m SO excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. In the spirit of delicious margaritas as well as Mexican cuisine, I made up these delicious Chorizo as well as Sweet Potato Enchiladas. The smoky chorizo is an ideal contrast with the smooth and sweet sweet potato. Poblano peppers provide just some heat and a touch of freshness to tie the whole thing together. They’re simple and yet delicious!


Corn tortillas are ideal for enchiladas. Don’t forget to toast them before you cook them! Toasting the tortillas on a flame or in an empty skillet provides the tortillas with a delicious warm corn taste. However, I used flour tortillas to make these. Don’t judge! Sometimes, you have to make do with the ingredients you have on hand, and flour tortillas are more convenient than making no enchiladas at all. 😉 Flour tortillas don’t receive the same benefit by toasting as corn tortillas do, which is why it’s not necessary in the case of flour tortillas.


Yes! This makes for a fantastic prep-ahead dinner. After baking, you can divide the enchiladas into containers that are single servings. The enchiladas should be chilled in the refrigerator and then transferred into the freezer the following day. They’ll stay good when stored in a freezer container for approximately three months, and they can be quickly reheated by heating them in the microwave.


One lb. sweet potato ($1.17)

1 poblano pepper ($0.75)

Two cloves of garlic ($0.16)

Two tablespoons vegetable oil ($0.08)

Three links 3/4 lbs. chorizo ($3.00)

Eight 7-inch tortillas ($1.26)

1 batch New Windowhomemade enchilada sauce* ($0.80)

1.5 cups of cheese shredded ($1.50)

3-4 onions of green, cut ($0.21)


Cut the sweet potato into pieces, then chop it into small pieces (about a quarter-inch). Then, remove the seeds and stem from the poblano and cut into pieces of 1/4-inch. Chop the garlic.

In a large, heavy skillet, cook the poblano and sweet potato, along with garlic in olive oil, at a moderate temperature until they begin to soften (about 5 to 7 minutes). Take the chorizo and squeeze it out of its casing in the pan. Continue to sauté at medium temperature, breaking the chorizo into small pieces as you stir until the chorizo is cooked (5-7 minutes longer).

Paint a big casserole dish using nonstick cooking spray and heat the oven to 325oF. Scoop approximately half a cup of sweet potato mixture into every tortilla and form into a cigar shape. Place the rolled and filled tortillas into the baking dish, seam-side down. They should be able to fill the container and be firmly against one another to stop rolling out.

Pour the enchilada sauce on top of the tortillas, then sprinkle with cheese. In the oven, bake until bubbles begin appearing on the sides (about twenty to 25 minutes). Sprinkle with chopped green onions after baking. Serve hot.

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