One of my first “viral” recipes was Coconut Chicken with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce in 2010. I was set to re-create the recipe and give it the gorgeous photographs it merits (and maybe even upgrade the recipe as I’ve learned a few things) as I realized there was a large block of tofu sitting in the fridge that had to be utilized. I instantly knew that I needed to prepare a coconut-crusted tofu instead. I’m so glad that I made it! These adorable coconut-crusted tofu triangles aren’t just perfect for dipping into Sweet Chili Sauce for snacks; however, I also decided to mix them up with some leftovers from my fridge for a delicious bowl of food. NOM!


When I first tried this recipe, I mixed half the tofu with a simple mix resembling teriyaki and left the remaining half without marinating. If you’re familiar with tofu, you know it has almost none of the flavor, and marinating it is essential. It turns out that I prefer the non-marinated tofu in this recipe. The marinade completely overpowered the subtle coconut flavor and rendered them unnoticeable.

The tofu not marinated had an underlying sweetness and coconut taste, which was the perfect basis for the spicy, sweet chili sauce. The marinated tofu was just too much to do. Therefore, you should be aware that, on their own, the little coconut-crusted tofu triangular are not very noticeable, and when they’re paired with chili sauce, they’re amazing.


14oz. Block extra firm tofu ($1.99)

One large egg ($0.27)

2 Tbsp New Windowcornstarch ($0.08)

1 Tbsp of water ($0.00)

Pinch salt and pepper ($0.03)

1 cup of unsweetened coconut flake ($1.57)

Two tablespoons pure coconut oil* ($0.05)

3 oz sweet chili sauce for dipping


Take the tofu out of the liquid-filled package and place it on multiple layers of paper towels or a fresh dish towel, free of lint. The wrapped tofu should be placed between two cutting boards or baking sheets and something heavier on the top (I employ an electric kettle or pot filled with water). Tofu is pressed over for about 30 minutes.

After the tofu is made into a block, cut it in half. Cut each block into three-quarter-inch large rectangular pieces (cut each “thickness” of the block into three). Each rectangle should be cut into two triangles. The result should be twelve 1/4-inch-thick triangles.

Make two bowls to make the crust of the coconut. In tIn, the first bowl, mix the egg cor,nstarch, and water, along with some pepper and salt, until you have a smooth and uniform mixture. In the second bowl, place the coconut that has not been sweetened into your second dish.

Dip each tofu triangle into eggs, ensuring it’s fully coated. Dip, then dip it into coconut flake. The coconut-coated triangles should be placed in the cut board and continue to do so until the entire pieces are completely coated.

Cook one tablespoon of coconut oil in a non-stick pan at medium temperature. Add half of the coconut-coated tofu triangles when the oil and skillet are hot and hot. Cook each side until crispy and brown. Transfer the tofu cooked to an unlined plate lined with paper towels. Add more coconut oil and cook the remaining batch.

Serve the crunchy coconut-crusted tofu with sweet chili sauce dip.

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