Enjoy the Best European Beers in Old World

When you ask for a European beer, it’s hard not to feel more sophisticated and cosmopolitan. It could be the unique names or the reputation for being a better brew. It can be daunting. There are so many options, so how do you choose?

It’s not surprising that there are such wide varieties, with at least a millennium’s worth of experience in brewing. Europe is home to some of the finest beers on the planet. Each region has its traditions and tried-and-true methods. It doesn’t matter if your beer comes from a large producer or a small craft brewery; it will have its heritage. There are many delicious beers on the continent, from light wheat beers to rich, dark stouts. No matter your preference in the brew, there’s something for everyone.

Are you on your way to a pub or quaint brasserie? We’ve compiled a list of the top European beers to give you a taste of the old world. Enjoy!

Franziskaner Weissbier Naturtrub 6pk 12oz Btl 5.0% ABV

GERMANY– White beer, also known as Weissbier, is a Bavarian classic that combines wheat and malts to create a pale yellow brew. This beer pairs well with bratwurst because it has a distinct banana and citrus taste. Weissbier has been a traditional Oktoberfest drink. Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa!

Guinness Draught 6pk 12oz Btl 4.3% ABV

IRELAND -Stout is just as Irish as four-leaf clover clovers and leprechauns. This brew is rich and velvety with a thick, creamy head. Its flavor is a combination of coffee, toasted malt and hops. Guinness begins softly and ends with a mild bitterness that balances the draught.

Leffe Blonde 6pk 12oz Btl 6.6% ABV

BELGIUM -The award-winning Leffe Blonde, a full-bodied, golden beer, is easy to drink and subtle. A creamy body and dry finish follow the mildly spicy aroma of the beer. It is a satisfying yet mysterious experience. Sip slowly to enjoy the mystery.

Paulaner Hefeweizen 6pk 12oz Btl 5.5% ABV

GERMANY – This is the #1 world wheat beer. The beer is uniformly cloudy and slightly cloudy, with a thick head of foam. The light caramel and banana flavors blend with the wheaty maltiness, creating a mild, lightly spritz finish.

Hacker Pschorr Weisse 6 Pack 12 oz Bottles

GERMANY – A classic wheat beer from Bavaria is Hacker Pschorr. It’s dark amber with crisp citrus flavors and hoppy flavors. This beer is unfiltered, and it’s cloudy. The beer’s original recipe has not changed since the 1400s. This ensures that you taste traditional.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Bier 4pk 16oz Can 2.5% ABV

GERMANY – Whoever claimed that all German beer tastes the same has never had a Schofferhofer. For a unique taste experience, this Radler combines German Weissbier and tangy, refreshing Grapefruit Juice for a distinctive flavor. This refreshing, light beer is the ideal summer thirst quencher.

Murphy’s Irish Stout 4pk 14.9oz Can 4.0% ABV

IRELAND -Murphy’s Stout is true to its roots in Cork “Rebel” County. This craft-brewed Stout is jet black and full of the Irish spirit’s character and resilience. Murphy’s Stout is more than a craft. It’s a calling.

Stella Artois 12pk 11.2oz Btl 5.2% ABV

BELGIUM – Stella Artois Pilsner is made with just three ingredients: hops and barley. It is characterized by a pleasant hop aroma, crisp bitterness, well-balanced malt sweetness and dry finish. It is easy to see how Stella consistently makes the list of top 50 beer brands around the globe.

Hoegaarden 12pk 12oz Btl 4.9% ABV

BELGIUM -Hoegaarden is the original Belgian wheat beer. It was created by the experiments of Trappist monks, who added botanicals from all over the globe to their beer. It is a great brew that defies description. It is best to taste it, not read about it.

Bass Pale Ale 12pk 12oz Btl 4.4% ABV

ENGLAND – This full-flavored ale is still brewed to the original recipe. Bass has a slightly nutty, the rich aroma from burnt malts and a full-bodied, high-quality flavor thanks to the use of aromatic hops and water rich with essential minerals and salts. Discover 200 years’ worth of brewing tradition.

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