The Ranked Top Crackers for Snacking

It’s something we have been considering, and guess what? Crackers are loved so much that they can’t be stopped. Is there any food that is more hardy than crackers? They are great for snacking and can be used as a side dish to the soup. They are great for making charcuterie boards or hors-d’oeuvres. You can add meat, cheese, and whatever else you like.

Whether plain or seasoned, sweet and savory, crackers are an unacknowledged culinary workhorse. We’ve been neglectful enough. We don’t want to be too generous with our gratitude. We owe crackers their crispy texture, variety of flavors, and versatility.

Are you ready to give crackers credit? This list includes the top crackers that you can buy. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something to snack on before a game or when you host your friends at a fancy wine and cheese party. These crackers will not disappoint.

Back to Nature Classic Round Crunches 8.5oz.


You want crackers to highlight the cheese when putting together a cheese platter. These delicious, crispy rounds are seasoned with sea salt to give the creamy dairy a chance to shine.

Simple Mills Rosemary & Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers 4.25oz


These crackers are great on their own or paired with simple cheeses and dips. These snacks are made with almond flour, sunflower and flax seeds. You can feel good about knowing they are gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly, and vegan.

Di Bruno Bros. Garlic Crostini 7oz


Oh, garlic! Oh, crostini! These two things are meant to be together. Every bite will delight with the familiar scent of the garlic tanginess and sweetness baked into our crostini. Their size makes them ideal for scooping any remaining creamy dip into your bowl. Happy snacking!

Milton’s Cracker Ss G.F. 4.5oz


Crispy. Crunchy. Delicious. These crackers are made with a delicious blend of five gluten-free grain varieties and baked to crisp perfection with just a little sea salt. These crispy snacks are crowd pleaser and contain no GMOs. They are gluten-free.

Potter’s Crackers Classic White Crackers 5oz


Potter’s White Wheat Crackers taste great and won’t distract you from the food you are serving. These crackers are great for letting whatever you serve, whether it be cheese, spreads, pate or other ingredients, shine. You can also let them shine on their own — crisp, salty and buttery!

Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Original Crackers 6.5oz.


Organic and gluten-free Mary’s Gone Crackers are made with whole grain, brown rice, quinoa, sesame, and flaxseeds. They are packed with flavor and have just the right amount of crunch to be used as a snack or part of an appetizer.

Wellington Assorted Crackers 8.8oz


Wellington crackers and biscuits make a great choice for decadent cheese boards or charcuterie. Master bakers have created a fine selection of biscuits and crackers. Tradition is infused into each bite. Every cracker is the perfect accompaniment to cheese, cured meats and spreads.

Ritz Crackers Original 13.7oz


RITZ crackers are the best! A rich, buttery flavor Check! Do you want the perfect level of saltiness? Check! Flaky, crisp texture. Triple check! These crackers are perfect for pairing with any food, sweet or savory. The peanut butter is a must-have!

Wheat Thins Original Crunchers 8.5oz.


They are salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy. These crackers are the best whole-grain crackers you’ve ever tasted. The delicious multi-grain flavor is wonderful, but they are best when combined with garlicky cream cheese spread. We can’t stop eating it.

Carr’s Table Water Crackers 4.25oz

BEST Thin Cracker

These round delights are thin and flaky and have a delightful snap when bitten. These crackers are perfect for dipping in hors-d’oeuvres and antipasto. They can be paired with everything from dips and pates to firm cheeses, herb spreads, and fish.

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