Brookwood Estate was born from a combination of creativity and a passion for agriculture after a discussion over a winery lunch in the winter of 1995. Six months after considering a sea change to Margaret River Trevor and Lyn Mann relocated to the famous wine region in pursuit of an adventure into Viticulture. The only experience the pair had in the field of wine making and viticulture was sampling plenty of the product. They had a vision and believed in themselves; possibly not knowing the full extent of their undertaking but sure of the end reward. 

The result was huge learning curve, the vineyard was planted in September 1996 and here-in began the journey. Working in other industries to support their new venture Trevor and Lyn learned by being naturally inquisitive, reading, asking and learning as they met the challenge that they had set themselves. Learning so much about themselves and their new chosen industry along the way.

Tending to the new vineyard of 10,000 young vines takes time and dedication. It was here that Trevor and Lyns love of the land and being partial to “a bit of space” served them well. Working together they nutured the 6 hectares of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to create the foundation of what is now a world class vineyard. Respecting the earth and environment is at the forefront of Brookwoods agricultural philosphies.

1999 saw the first grape harvest at Brookwood Estate, a momentous occasion after 3 years of planting, training and nurturing the Margaret River vineyard. The first wines were locally made at a nearby winery where Lyn learnt the art of creating wine hands-on by working as a cellar hand. She then took on the winemaking herself in 2001 when Brookwoods own winery was put into action with just a few tanks and some second hand equipment. The wines that make up the portfolio now are a result of a dedication to quality and commitment to varietal expression. By constantly asking customers and knowing our property Brookwood has been able to create a very special range of 100% estate grown and made wines.


Bronnley Cahill could be described as one of a new breed of women working in the wine industry. A qualified winemaker, not only does she make Brookwood Estate’s premium wines, her role at Brookwood encapsulates everything from wine production, business management and planning, as well as being involved in the busy cellar door and café.

Brookwood Estate was established in 1996 by Bronnley’s parents, Trevor and Lyn Mann, and it was this venture that gave her an insight into the grape and wine industry, and a passion to become involved in the family business.

Bronnley says the key component to the quality of Brookwood Estates wines is the  spectacular fruit from which they are crafted and then there’s the secret ingredient: love.

“I believe that you can taste it. It’s the little extras along the way that we do, because we love what we do. All of these things compound to make a special product,” she said.


Believe, Challenge, Nurture, Create and Enjoy. We do what we do because of what we believe, and we believe small things make big differences. 


We nurture the biological life in our soil as this is the foundation of a strong ecosystem that grows healthy, resilient grapevines resistant to attack from pests and diseases and provides super tasty, sweet, flavour packed fruit that you have come to know and love in our unique Brookwood Estate grown wines.

Our winemaking philosophies are born from a respect of old world ways, an intrigue for new world ways with a balance of the two being the desired outcome. We aim for minimal intervention in our winemaking process to capture the essence our individual grape varieties and their unique expression from being grown on our site at Brookwood Estate.


We are not perfect. We are constantly striving to learn more, improve our systems, and discover new options that make for stronger and healthier agricultural systems, better tasting wines and better outcomes for our environment, the land we manage and the climate we live in. We endeavour to make these improvements for the benefit of our customers and our community both local and global.