Incredible Creatures Farm @ Brookwood Estate

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Come and pat, Bam Bam the Donkey, Feed Sid and Gypsy the Alpacas, Take Linda and Amber the African Sheep for a walk.

Cuddle the lovable Guinea Pigs many types of Rabbits and their babies including the amazingly soft Rex Rabbits and of course "Jafar" our gorgeous Nubian Goat (the biggest you're ever likely to see).

Nigel has a spectacular team of Working Dogs. Dan, Fly , Moss, Bailey, Sparx and Lou all love a pat and so does Wombie the Little Pack Russell.

Cuddly Ferrets, Rare Geese, Webber the HUGE Turkey. Grab a photo with Bruce the huge Golden Rooster. There is a Large Selection of Pure-Bred Ducks & Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Flock of Free-Flying Pigeons and Doves.